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Southeast Actors Academy evolved in response to the need for more thorough and budget friendly educational programs designed to elevate and empower actors with a stronger business understanding, more defined craft, and technical prowess needed in today's entertainment market. Georgia's industry growth has created greater demands of talent in this competitive market. Acting coach Jim Dougherty and talent representative Laureen Muller began developing Southeast Actors Academy to support the actor's development from a craft and business perspective as they navigate their career.

In addition to ongoing training, Southeast Actors Academy will host workshops taught by industry professionals from the southeast, LA, and NY to bring an array of knowledge and experience into the curriculum that will educate, elevate and empower our students.

Our Mission
To assist, support and educate the actor developing their craft, experience, and show business strategy for working in their local and surrounding markets as they build skills to align with their goals and support their growth.


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