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Jim Dougherty studied theatre and film at Indiana University and later went on to pursue the craft in Chicago where he worked for Victory Gardens and Body Politic Theatres. While living in Chicago, Jim trained as a stuntman under John Hicks Pearce and became the assistant coordinator for The Chicago Stunt Team. In addition, he has trained in blended martial arts at the Degerberg Academy in Chicago.
Jim approaches acting much like the blended martial arts, incorporating a variety of techniques and philosophies creating his own unique approach to the craft and helping the student discover what works most effectively for them to find truth and serve the story.

Over the last 30 years Jim has worked on over 60 films in capacities ranging from actor to post production and has served on the Chicago SAG-AFTRA board. He has also performed in over 300 theatrical productions. Jim is a character actor and has to worked on screen with people such as Margo Martindale, Gil Bellows, Kevin Spacey, Clint Howard, Elias Koteas, Terry Serpico, and Marc Menchaca.

Laureen Muller has administered business and training programs throughout the US for over 35 years. She currently represents actors in multiple markets between coasts and is based in the southeast. She started her career representing live performers and athletes before transitioning to film and TV talent as the industry in the SE expanded.  Laureen's additional experience as an office manager, assistant controller and marketing planner contributes to her great insight into the development of business operations in the entertainment industry.


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