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Acting for the Camera Youth

For ages 9 - 17, this ongoing class develops skills in the areas of presence, confidence, camera awareness, understanding script analysis, how to audition, home rehearsals, parental involvement, and skills focused on developing your craft.

Each month this ongoing class also covers topics from the adult program such as relationship communication, improvisation, emotional connection, sub text interpretation, memorization, listening, audition technique, camera blocking, performance consistency, and more. Tuition is 85.00 per month for Kennesaw residents. Schedule a FREE audit.

Current Youth Class Schedule:

- Wednesday 6 pm to 8 pm

"Jim Dougherty is very knowledgeable and insightful about the entire acting process -- both in front of and behind the camera. Students get practical, hands-on experience in front of the camera through various exercises, and every student gets personal and directed feedback on their work. He teaches tips and techniques that are valuable for both new actors starting out, and veteran actors who would like to fine-tune their skills."
- Cassandra Schomer

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